Frost SnowLake, Witch of Snow (S1-S3, S5-S7)

Frost, Daughter of Icy

Shadow Illusion, Witch of Darkness (S1-S3, S5-S7)

Shadow, Daughter of Darcy

Bolt Storm, Witch of Lightning (S1-S3, S5-S7)

Bolt, Daughter of Stormy

Vex De' Mon, Wizard of The Underworld (S3, S8)

Vex, Son of Valtor

Morgana Le Fay, Witch of Dragons (Journey to Ever After High)

Morgana Le Fay, Daughter of Mandragora

Freddy DarkSoul, Sorcerer of Voodoo (S4)

Freddy, Step-father of Luke & Descendant of The Wizards of The Black Circle

Triton SnowLake, Merman of Pollution (S5)

Triton, Son of Tritannus

Ash Legend, Wizard of Myths (S6)

Ash, Son of Acheron

Scarlette & Panther Stripe, Shape-Shifters of Animals (S7)

Scarlette & Panther, Daughter of Kalshara & Brafilius

Harley Jester, The Talent Thief (Farix & Ivix WoW: Elite Force)

Harley Jester, Daughter of The Talent Thief