Vex is the Wizard of Chaos giving him the power to manipulate the elements of destruction, he is a former student at Cloud Tower College after being kicked out, he then later formed an alliance with Frost, Shadow, and Bolt. Vex was born on the Omega Dimension and was raised by his father Valtor. Vex is full of confidence when it comes to defeating Farix, and he tries to make his father proud of him. Vex used to date Katy but after they had broken him, he over reacted and sought out revenge on her and of anyone who gets in his way.


Birthday: September 20th

Astrological sign: Demon

Favorite colour: Red

Hobby: Thinking of ways to destroy, perhaps illuminate Fairies

Favourite movies: Mayhem Movies

I love: Trapping Fairies in the Dark Abyss of the Shadow Realm

Favorite Magic: Devil's Curse

Age: 17 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Cloud Tower, Omega

Class: Wizard

Powers and Abilities: Lightning Manipulation, Ice/Snow Magic & Spells, Shadow/Dark spells, Summoning Spells

Origin: Stormy Areas

Family: Valtor (Dad)