Triton is the mermaid of Pollution giving him the power to manipulate Toxic and Pollution, he was given a chance to live with his grandpa Neptune and grandma Ligea but was kicked out when he was spotted for using pollution as magic. Triton was born on cold icy waters to Tritannus and Icy. He lives in a ice cave along side with his sister Frost and was raised to become just like his father Frost. Triton acts selfish and greedy for pollution but has a sensitive spot for his little sister.


Birthday: July 23rd

Astrological sign: Mutant

Favorite colour: Toxic Green

Hobby: Drowning Fairies!

Favourite movies: What's a Movie?

I love: Polluting seas and oceans

Favorite Magic: Pollution Mutation

Age: 17 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Cold Ocean Areas

Class: Witch

Powers and Abilities: Water Manipulation, Hydro-Cryokinesis, Pollution Manipulation

Origin: Ocean/Artic Areas

Family: Tritannus & Icy (Parents), Frost (Sister)