Shadow is the Witch of Darkness giving her the power manipulate to Darkness and Shadows she is a former student at Cloud Tower College after being kicked out. Shadow was born near dark cold shadow areas. She lives in a dark den where she was raised to be just like her mother. Shadow is rude as she is mean she acts like she's the queen of shadows when she isn't. She is shown to have a horrible personality and a rough side to the point where she is alone fighting by herself.


Birthday: January 22nd

Astrological sign: Illusion

Favorite colour: Shadow black

Hobby: Playing tricks on the Farix!

Favourite movies: Horror Movies! where the good guys lose!

I love: Beating the Farix girls

Favorite Magic: Shadow of Illusions

Age: 16 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Cloud Tower, Dark Areas

Class: Witch

Powers and Abilities: Shadow Manipulation, Dark/Shadow Magic & Spells, Darkness/illusion spells, Darkness Manipulation

Origin: Dark Areas

Family: Darcy (mom)