Rosie is the Fairy of Roses enabling her to grow roses, she is also a former student at Alfea College. Rosie was born on Lynphea to King Helia and Queen Flora and is nature fashion obsessed, not to mention rose petal heels obsessed. Rosie loves roses, no matter how prickly it is but she can be immature when it comes to a point where she can't get everything she wants making her act like a three year old.She is shown to have a energetic side when she runs across the Lynphean fields and feels the flying petals rush across her face. Rosie is a diva and fashionista like Katy except, Katy has a bit more divatude than Rosie. Katy and Rosie bond over everything but Rosie just acts so childish sometimes.


Birthday: March 20th

Astrological sign: Sprite

Favorite colour: Rose Pink

Hobby: Being in a mall and buying a rose petal skirt with a matching top

Ideal boyfriend: I'm single so far but I'm hoping to date someone that loves nature and fashion as much as I do and plus he could carry my bags

Best friend: Emerald of course!, she is awesome on judging what dress is cute and fabulous

Favourite movies: Does a fashion document count?

I love: Growing Roses and watering them

Favorite music: Pop & Classical Music

Favorite Magic: Prickling Rose

Age: 16 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Farix Club, Alfea, Lynphea, Specialists, Magix, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower

Class: Fairy

Powers and Abilities: Nature Manipulation, Nature/Earth Magic & Spells, Geokinesis/Chlorokinesis, Season Manipulation


Family: Rollos & Alyssa (GrandParents), Miele (Aunt), Helia & Flora (Parents), Madison & Emerald & Arianna(Identical Sisters)