Raven was born on Hypnos to King Morpheaus and Queen Circadia and is a former student at Alfea College. She has one brother named Fellix and while growing up, Raven never spent much time with her parents. They were always busy although her parents wished they could spend more time with her, but running a kingdom isn't easy. Raven spent a lot of her time in the castle library, her only best friend was the palace librarian, Melatonin. They spent much time together that he was like her father. They would spend hours a day talking about literature and art. They both loved the theatre, and Melatonin would sneak out of the palace with Raven just to go to the local theatre for plays. Because Raven's parents weren't there a lot, they were very protective of her. If they weren't there to take care of her, they needed to ensure her safety. Raven was never allowed off palace grounds without a chaperone which made making friends kinda difficult. She didn't even know how to make friends, until she was enrolled into Alfea, she was so nervous! but when she met Olivia, she became best friends with her, then she had the chance to meet the other girls, and knew that she had found the right group of friends to be around, friends who would always be there for her. Raven recently had just became the Queen of Hypnos. When Malik & Raven had come of age they had decided to be wedded on the same day as Kaleb & Arianna, Luke & Ava, and Hopper & Katy, after a few months of separation from Farix and The Specialists they decided to reunite once again just to host off a little surprise by telling them that a new baby joining the Hypnosian Family! After a few months, when the baby had arrived, it was a so confusing for Raven and especially for Malik as a first time father, at first he thought that he didn't have what it takes to be a father but he gotten through thanks to the love and support of Raven. When the baby ceremony was coming up they invited the Farix Girls and Specialists to come and see it. All was well until the baby some how developed a way to create a Vortex of Mirage's that had created clones of everyone on Hypnos, but was soon defeated thanks to the team work of Farix and The Specialists.


Snooze Orb

Crashing Sleep

Delta Attack

Dreamy Bubble

Facade of Dreams

Mystic Barrier

Knock-Out Burst

Sleeping Dust

Cloud of Dreams

Hibernating Aura


Eclipse: Fairy Animal

Mia: Pixie

Morphea: Selkie

Snooze: Pet





Main Enemy