Olivia is the Fairy of Psychokinetic and a former student at Alfea College and Cloud Tower. She was born on Obsidia, a realm of Darkness where trapped shadows and spirits roam around freely. Her parents are currently unknown but whats left of their current information is that her father is the King of the Shadows and that her mother is a Reaper. Olivia is shown to have a dark and shady appearance at first, but then she learns to get friendly and loving along the way as she gets to know the other 5 fairies. Olivia loves to spend her free time reading and practicing dark magic making her an expert at spell casting but one of Olivia's weakness is when she feels lonely and abandoned it causes her to lose belief in herself, if she doesn't believe in herself then it enables her to become vulnerable to nearby enemies. She may look like that she has a heart of coal but in reality she really has a heart of the purest gold inside.


Clubs of the Shadows

Dance of the Reaper

Illusion Shield

Shadow Ray

Shadow Sphere

Shadow Hand

Gravitational Pull

Reaper's Curse

Illusion of the Shadows

Vortex of the Dead


Viceroy Vriska Bubbles Von Hedgehogamancer: Fairy Animal

Traine: Pixie

Kelli: Selkie

Thorn: Pet

Main Enemy