Malik is very quirky and very funny. He Loves to read, like Raven, and he loves poetry. He is very interested in the theatrical arts, and hopes to be a playwright (after he saves the magic dimension a few times). Malik and Raven got off to a rocky start. Vicious rumors started to spread around Alfea about him, and Raven (although she didn't want to) gave into believing them. She was heartbroken, and she didn't know who to trust, or how to trust at all. But, he pulled through. He explained to Raven the misunderstanding, and they got back together. They are an awkward couple together, but they really click. He listens to her, and understands her, and that's all Raven could ask for. Being from Zenith, Malik is very smart. He sometimes sells himself short, and may lack confidence, but Raven usually boosts his self esteem, the two were soon to be wedded in S7 making Malik the new King of Hypnos. He always tries to be the gentleman, but he is also kinda a clutz. Near the end of season 7, Malik starts developing a type of magic called a semblance. Semblances are special gifts that cant be acquired by magic. His semblance is the gift of foresight. His stories (often fantastical) contain some truths, and can even point to the future. This power is yet to be learned about, but as of right now, its a mystery. When Malik & Raven had come of age they had decided to be wedded on the same day as Kaleb & Arianna, Luke & Ava, and Hopper & Katy, after a few months of separation from Farix and The Specialists they decided to reunite once again just to host off a little surprise by telling them that a new baby joining the Hypnosian Family! After a few months, when the baby had arrived, it was a so confusing for Raven and especially for Malik. At first he thought that he didn't have what it takes to be a father but got through thanks to the love and support of Raven. When the baby ceremony was coming up they invited the Farix Girls and Specialists to come and see it. All was well until the baby some how developed a way to create a Vortex of Mirage's that had created clones of everyone on Hypnos, but was soon defeated thanks to the team work of Farix and The Specialists.





Main Enemy