Maia is the Bold Leader of the Fairy Bunch and former student at Alfea College not to mention the Fairy of Galaxies. She is a bit of a Over protective, but is a caring and loving friend.Maia is born Half Alien and Half Fairy to a Wizard and a Alien on Planeteria. She is the fairy of Space and is a great at helping any problems in life. She loves any out of this world litterally, although she's still adjusting to the planet Magix and it's life. Her best friend is Arianna, they will stick together no matter what happens and she feels the same way about the other Farix Fairies. Maia's weaknesses is when she has trouble believing in herself making it impossible for her to express her feelings. Maia will forever remain proud and bold and will some day become legendary!, possibly become the next headmistress at Alfea. In the near end of Season 3 Maia earned her enchantix the correct way and the title and role as the 1st Princess of Planeteria when she saved her friends from a horrible fate, causing them to fall to almost fall to their death. At first she had trouble but got through it thanks to her friends, who encouraged her.


Dimension Strike

Galactic Whip

Galaxy Orb

Shooting Stars

WormHole Void

Atmospheric Cage

Sonic Star Blast

Plasmatic Trap

Plasma Ball

Energy of the Aliens


Galicee: Fairy Animal

Heichou: Pixie

Rena: Selkie

Planet: Pet

Main Enemy