Madison is the Fairy of Nature Resurrection giving her the power to revive dead plants back to life, she is also a former student at Alfea College. Madison was born on Lynphea to King Helia and Queen Flora. She has a castle on her planet of where she lives with her parents and three identical sisters. Madison is tough and rough, no matter how much boys like her she still turns them down. Madison is mature and strong not to mention brave, but her bravery can take over her better nature. She is shown to have a bit of a rude personality to the point where she is being complimented about her appearance or when someone asks her if she needs help. Madison is Courageous but to Courageous, it makes her daring enough to walk into an unknown trap.


Birthday: March 20th

Astrological sign: Sprite

Favorite colour: Black

Hobby: Being with my sisters, what's better than that!?

Ideal boyfriend: I don't need some boy to keep me company cause i'm savvy, strong, single, and so independent

Best friend: My sisters, who else? their my everything

Favourite movies: Action Movies!

I love: Growing plants & Resurrecting dead plants

Favorite music: Pop & Classical Music

Favorite Magic: Nature Resurrection

Age: 16 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Farix Club, Alfea, Lynphea, Specialists, Magix, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower

Class: Fairy

Powers and Abilities: Nature Manipulation, Nature/Earth Magic & Spells, Geokinesis/Chlorokinesis, Season Manipulation


Family: Rollos & Alyssa (GrandParents), Miele (Aunt), Helia & Flora (Parents), Arianna & Emerald & Rosie(Identical Sisters)