Luke is a Water wizard that comes from Magix, the same planet that Alfea, Red Fountain, and Cloud Tower stands upon. He is also a former student at Red Fountain College and son of King Johnathan and Queen Maddie but they are divorced and had remarried making him have step parents who are named Freddy and Maria. He has a castle that lays in the underwater world of lake Roccaluce . He then later was raised on earth and has no clue of his identity until now. He currently is in love with Ava the Fairy of Weather and has an Evil Step Father named Freddy that he had recently defeated and claimed his royal throne, then became the King of Magix. When Luke & Ava had come of age they had decided to be wedded on the same day as Malik & Raven, Kaleb & Arianna, and Hopper & Katy, after a few months of separation from Farix and The Specialists they decided to reunite once again just to host off a little surprise by telling them that a new baby joining the Magixian Family! After a few months, when the baby arrived, it was a bit of a disaster for Luke and Ava. It felt like both good and bad, especially when the baby ceremony was coming up. When the Farix Girls and Specialists heard of this they all decided to come and to help Luke and Ava with the baby ceremony. All was well until the baby some how summoned booming storm clouds and raging tornado's to descend upon the lands of Magix, but the terrible weather was then defeated thanks to the team work of Farix and The Specialists.





Main Enemy