Kaleb is a Nature wizard that comes from Linphea, the same planet that Arianna had originated from. He is also a former student at Red Fountain College and the son of King Forrest and Queen Gaia. He has a castle that lays straight across from King Helia and Queen Flora's Palace. He then later became the King of Linphea and husband to Arianna. Kaleb is shown to have a heroic personality whenever Arianna was in danger and a poetic side when writing secret love poems to deliver at Arianna's window sill. Kaleb is still yet noble and strong which gives him the traits of being honorable, peaceful, and heroic. When Kaleb & Arianna had come of age they had decided to be wedded on the same day as Malik & Raven, Luke & Ava, and Hopper & Katy, after a few months of separation from Farix and The Specialists they decided to reunite once again just to host off a little surprise by telling them that a new baby joining the Linphean Family! After a few months, when the baby arrived, it was a bit of a shock for Kaleb and Arianna. Neither of them had gotten any sleep at all! It felt like a disaster, especially when the baby ceremony was coming up. When the Farix Girls and Specialists heard of this they all decided to come and to help Kaleb and Arianna with the baby ceremony. All was well until the baby had got upset because Katy was more busy texting than baby-sitting and had forgotten to fed her, which caused the baby to start crying and screaming as loud as an earthquake, and after all of that the magic barrier that held in the Magic Fungi had shattered causing the Fungi to be free and to spread chaos all over the lands of Linphea, but the fungi was then defeated thanks to the team work of Farix and The Specialists.





Main Enemy