IIAriannaEvansII is an amazing Roblox builder and f3xer. She organizes and buildes most of the Costumes and roleplay places for Farix. She is the official Flora in MysticalShinesTitan's Winx Club group. She loves animals and is a great person. She has 3 sisters IIMadisonEvansII, AppleWhite317, PrincessTheresa07 and a dog named Nikki. Arianna portrays Arianna (duh) in Farix. She is also a great friend. She helps people, stops people from abusing others.


Age: 13

Favorite Game on Roblox: Anything Winx Related

Favorite Song: Same Old Love, Selena Gomez

Favorite Food: Sushi or Salad

Favorite Color: Pastel blue-green

BFFs: Too many to list

Favorite Show: Winx Club

Birthday: July 2nd

Pet: Nikki the Chihuahua

Hobby: Rping or playing on roblox with my friends

Zodiac Sign: Cancer (Crab)

Race: Asian American (Vietnamese)