About Her

iDarcy has been a member of roblox for about 2 years now. She is the official Tecna in MysticalShinesTitan's Winx Club Fan Club group on Roblox. She is an f3xer and a builder. She loves diving and swimming, and reading. iDarcy portrays Raven in Farix and creates the Majestic wings for the costumes. She loves hanging out with friends, and loves to rp. iDarcy is iiDreamCatcher on DeviantArt


Favorite Game on Roblox: Arc of Elements

Favorite Song: Be Alright by Arianna Grande

Favorite Food: Tacos!!!

Favorite Color: Purple

BFFs: IIAriannaEvansII, cloe1443, MooskieLou, MysticalShinesTitan, KindCable

Favorite Show: Once Upon a Time

Birthday: June 13th

Zodiac Sign: Gemini (Twins)