Hopper is a Shape Shifter that comes from a fairytale world, He is also a former student at EAH and Red Fountain College and the son of The Frog King and Queen. He has a castle that is inside of the legendarium. He then later became the King of Domino. Hopper is shown to have a shy personality whenever he see's Katy around and he acts so poetic in front of her. Hopper is sweet but he's really shy, along the way Katy influenced him to become less shy and he's now more confident than ever! When Hopper & Katy had come of age they had decided to be wedded on the same day as Malik & Raven, Kaleb & Arianna, and Luke & Ava, after a few months of separation from Farix and The Specialists they decided to reunite once again just to host off a little surprise by telling them that a new baby joining the Dominoian Family! After a few months, when the baby arrived, it was a bit of a surprise for Hopper, especially for Katy who was worried of becoming to old, for a fashionista fairy. It felt like both good and bad, even when the baby ceremony was coming up. When the Farix Girls and Specialists heard of this they all decided to come and to help Hopper and Katy with the baby ceremony. All was well until the baby was cursed by vex who sent a fire curse upon the newborn baby making it impossible to get rid of the fire that follows the baby's path, but the terrible deed of the curse was then defeated thanks to the team work of Farix and The Specialists.





Main Enemy