Freddy is the Shadow man giving him the power to manipulate Humans and Darkness. Freddy was born on Obsidian also known as the dimension of darkness where all citizens learn and practice dark and evil cursed spells. He recently took over an underwater castle belonging to Luke but then was defeated by Luke and Ava. Freddy is a cruel and evil man who wants to take over the kingdom of Magix with his tyranny, he doesn't even care about the citizens of Magix at all even if they start to disappear


Birthday: December 1st

Astrological sign: Voodoo

Favorite colour: Dark Black Nights

Hobby: Getting rid of that fairy, Ava!

Favourite movies: Horror Movies that include voodoo magic!

I love: Clipping Fairy Wings

Favorite Magic: Blood Magic

Age: 16 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Magix, Obsidian

Class: Voodoo

Powers and Abilities: Shadow Manipulation, Voodoo/Shadow Magic & Spells, Shadow/Dark spells, Blood Manipulation

Origin: Obsidian

Family: Maria (StepSister in Law), Maddie (Wife), Johnathan (Brother in Law)