Maia Galaxies, Fairy of Galaxies (S1-S8)

Princess Maia of Planeteria, Daughter of a Wizard & an Alien

Arianna Flower, Fairy of Spring (S1-S8)

Princess Arianna of Linphea, Daughter of Helia & Flora

Katy Heart, Fairy of Love (S1-S8)

Princess Katy of Domino, Daughter of Sky & Bloom

Ava Rainbow, Fairy of Weather (S1-S8)

Princess Ava of Domino, Daughter of Thoren & Daphne

Olivia Darknight, Fairy of Psychokinesis (S1-S8)

Princess Olivia of Obsidia, Daughter of a Shadow King and a Reaper

Raven Dreams, Fairy of Dreams (S1-S8)

Princess Raven of Hypnos, Daughter of Morpheaus & Circadia


2.)Hair Color?

3.)Main Color of Clothes?

4.)Secondary Color of Clothes?

5.)Skin Tone?



8.)Long Hair or Short?

9.)Boyfriend or no?

10.)Status? Ex: Princess, Citizen, etc