Emerald is the Fairy of Healing giving her the ability to heal any harmed plants or humans, she is also a former student at Alfea College. Emerald was born on Lynphea to King Helia and Queen Flora and they all live in a castle on her planet along with her sisters Arianna, Madison, and Rosie. Emerald Loves anything that's in nature or closely related to nature. Emerald is shy as a ghost but sweet as sugar, no matter how shy she is her sisters will still love her no matter what. Emerald is a believer and she believes that all people can live with happiness by respecting nature and all of its qualities that it contains, but if someone pollutes any type of nature then it will negatively affect her giving her nightmares.


Birthday: March 20th

Astrological sign: Sprite

Favorite colour: Emerald Green

Hobby: Being with my sisters and singing lullabies to the Giant Lady Bugs on Lynphea

Ideal boyfriend: No one so far yet, but i'm hoping that he would be a tree hugger

Best friend: Emerald, we do everything together

Favourite movies: Comedies! who doesn't love a good laugh?

I love: Growing plants & Singing to them

Favorite music: Pop & Classical Music

Favorite Magic: Nature's Lullaby

Age: 16 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Farix Club, Alfea, Lynphea, Specialists, Magix, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower

Class: Fairy

Powers and Abilities: Nature Manipulation, Nature/Earth Magic & Spells, Geokinesis/Chlorokinesis, Season Manipulation


Family: Rollos & Alyssa (GrandParents), Miele (Aunt), Helia & Flora (Parents), Madison & Arianna & Rosie(Identical Sisters)