Bolt is the Witch of Lightning giving her the power to manipulate Lightning and storms, she is a former student at Cloud Tower College after being kicked out. Bolt was born on loud booming storms and is the daughter of Stormy. She lives in a storm cloud and was raised to become just like her mother. Bolt is just full of cloud and storms, nothing more than that. Bolt acts like she's all that to her cousin witches but she really isn't. She is shown to be feared around by others when she's with her cousins Frost & Shadow.


Birthday: July 23rd

Astrological sign: Storm Cloud

Favorite colour: Violet Storm bolts

Hobby: Electricuting the fairies of Alfea!

Favourite movies: Horror Movies where the monster takes it all!

I love: Trapping fairies in storms full of bolts

Favorite Magic: Lightning Bolt

Age: 16 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Cloud Tower, Stormy Areas

Class: Witch

Powers and Abilities: Lightning Manipulation, Clouds/Stormy Magic & Spells, Bolt/Storm spells, Storm Manipulation

Origin: Stormy Areas

Family: Stormy (Mom)