Ash is the son of Acheron. He is manipulative and will take advantage of anyone. Ash is known to not be very kind, and will destroy anything and anyone who gets in his path. Like his father, he is a sorcerer. He controls nightmares, and draws his power from the legendarium. He is Ravens main enemy. Ash just wants to make his father proud, and he wants to bring his father honor. He wants to do what Acheron never could. Ash wants to release the powers of the Legendarium into the natural world, but don't worry!The Farix Girls will stop him!


Birthday: February 19th

Astrological sign: Fiction

Favorite colour: Red Velvet

Hobby: Trapping others inside the Legendarium!

Favourite movies: Thriller Movies

I love: Trapping fairies in storms full of bolts

Favorite Magic: Fear Scape

Age: 17 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Legendarium

Class: Sorcerer

Powers and Abilities: Illusion Manipulation, Story/Fictional Magic & Spells, Shadow/Fear spells, Psychokinetic Manipulation

Origin: Legendarium

Family: Acheron (Dad)