Kaleb is a Nature wizard that comes from Lynphea, the same planet that Arianna has originated from. He is also a former student at Red Fountain College and the son of King Forrest and Queen Gaia. He has a castle that lays right across from King Helia and Queen Flora's Palace. He then later became the crowned Prince of Lynphea and soon to become the next king of Lynphea but so far he's a king in training. Kaleb is shown to have a heroic personality whenever Arianna was in danger and a poetic side when writing secret love poems to deliver at Arianna's window sill. Kaleb is noble and strong which gives him the traits of being honorable, peaceful, and heroic.


Birthday: January 16th

Astrological sign: Treant

Favorite colour: Forest Green

Hobby: Training at Red Fountain

Ideal girlfriend: Arianna, she is sweet as fresh morning dew and as beautiful as a rose(Fiance)

Best friend: Luke, we're a lot alike we both love to make our fiance's happy

Favourite movies: Comedies for a good laugh & Romantic Movies when i'm with Arianna

I love: Being with Arianna and spending the day with her

Favorite music: Rock Music

Favorite Magic: Giant Vines

Age: 17 (At 1st Appearance)

Affiliation: Farix Club, Alfea, Lynphea, Specialists, Magix, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower

Class: Wizard

Powers and Abilities: Nature Manipulation, Nature/Earth Magic & Spells, Geokinesis/Chlorokinesis, Season Manipulation


Family: Hunter & Violet (GrandParents), Forrest & Gaia (Parents)